Brian Wahl

Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director
British Columbia Conference

Brian Wahl is currently the Youth and Young Adult Ministries director of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, British Columbia Conference.  This includes being a regional Pathfinder Director and training young people to serve in their communities. Pastor Wahl has served in youth and young adult ministries for 28 years. With his wife Pam, he has two children, Nathan and Joshua.

Colin Griffiths

Guest Speaker

Colin Griffiths is part of the team that started The Wave program at the BC Camp Meetings. He recently retired, after serving as a pastor in South Africa as well as Manitoba and BC. Colin is absolutely convinced the “good news” is better than we can possibly imagine and is passionate about building relationships with people no matter where they are on their faith journey. When he isn’t spending time with his wife Merilyn, you will most likely find him in a coffee house or his favorite chai place chatting with people about life and faith. He also volunteers as an on-call pastor at Oakridge Adventist church in Vancouver. His purpose in life is to create space for people to discover the God who passionately loves them.

Jim Gaull

Guest Speaker

Jim Gaull is still in love with Jesus!  He started his pastoral ministry in Oregon and came to British Columbia in 1986 as the Youth, Pathfinder, Family Life, and Camp Director. He helped found Creekside Community Church and encouraged other church plants. He was part of the creation of The Wave program at the BC Camp Meeting. After retiring, he continued to serve as Chaplain for Fraser Valley Adventist Academy. He currently lives in Port Alberni with most of his family.  He has made it his mission to joyfully share the Gift of Life!


Stephen Little

Rest Haven Adventist Church
Juan De Fuca Adventist Church

Born and raised in Port Moody, BC, Pastor Stephen Little grew up in a non-Christian home. As a young man, he dabbled in New Age philosophies, eastern mysticism, and transcendental meditation. He eventually started reading the Bible and came to Christ while attending the New Westminster Adventist church in 1982. Pastor Little met the girl of his dreams a few years later, while living in Kelowna, BC.  They married in 1984 and have three children. Stephen and Laurie moved to what is now Burman University in 1986.  He graduated with a degree in pastoral ministry in 1989 and from Andrews University with a master’s degree in 1993. Pastor Little has served God’s church as a literature evangelist, youth pastor, university chaplain, and senior pastor of church districts in all three of Canada’s most western provinces.