Dwight K. Nelson

Senior Pastor Pioneer Memorial Church

Dwight K. Nelson has been the senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church of Seventh-day Adventist on the campus of Andrews University since 1983.  He also serves as an adjunct professor for homiletics at the Seventh-day Adventist Theology Seminary.

Pavel Goia

Editor Ministry Magazine, General Conference &
Associate. Ministerial Secretary GC.

Pastor Pavel Goia knew at young age that God had called him to ministry. Being born and raised in communist Romania didn’t make following that calling an easy task. After short drifting during his teenage years, his life took a turn and he promised to serve God and fulfill his original calling. His promise was put into motion almost immediately.

The events that ensued are chronicled in the book One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story by Gregg Budd.

Pavel has pursued careers in construction engineering, private business, law, communication, agriculture, then theology, finally settling into his calling as a minister.

Jeff Scoggins

Planning Director for Global Mission at the General Conference

Jeff Scoggins is the planning director for Global Mission at the General Conference, where he oversees strategic planning for Global Mission initiatives around the world.

Prior to taking on this role, he served as a pastor for 12 years in Minnesota. While there, he earned his M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University. He is the author of several books aimed at helping people study their Bibles.

Before that, Jeff and his wife Becky spent about three years in Moscow, Russia, where Jeff was responsible for strategic planning for the Seventh-day Adventist division office. While there, Jeff helped to coordinate a project that planted 300 new churches throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Jeff is married to Rebecca and together they have two boys, 18-year-old David and 16-year-old Erik.