Cherri, Shannon, and Caitlin Gerber



Leaders Cherri, Shannon, and Caitlin Gerber have been working with the 3 and 4-year-olds for a long time–a long, long time!­­–and have enjoyed it every year!

The Gerbers are a mother/daughter team based in Kelowna. Cherri is a math and science specialist teaching middle and secondary school, Shannon is an early childhood specialist teaching kindergarten, and Caitlin is a registered nurse working at Kelowna General Hospital.

Cherri and Shannon also work with Children’s Ministries at Orchard City SDA Church. They believe that teaching even the littlest children about how much God loves them and how His plans for His people are shown through creation is the highest calling that can be received.

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Cherri, Shannon & Caitlin Gerber​

Thursday July 28

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